In Mayan Waters we believe in safety more than anything else.

Thus we use brand new equipment, including dive computers. Instead of using conventional manometers and decompression tables, we use full-featured Suunto Vyper Air Black  dive computers with wireless air integration for tank pressure information and continuous advanced decompression RGBM algorithms. Our dive computers have built-in dive simulators and dive planners, therefore decompression tables serve us only as a backup during planning the dives. Other handy features of our dive computers which are useful during diving, but especially in emergency situation, are backlightelectronic 3D compass, customizable dive alarms and notifications.

We always provide pure Oxygen in case of emergency, be it during cenote diving or reef diving.

We also have life-saving Automated External Defibrillator close at hand during every dive if necessity arises.

We require you to have your Diver Accident Insurance before you start diving. If you do not have one yet, contact us to arrange it for you. We also require you to sign standard liablilty release form.

We do hope dive computers, pure Oxygen and AED devices will be mandatory for diving someday in the future. But for now, we are way ahead of present diving safety regulations.