The ancient Mayans believed cenotes were the transition point to the afterlife. These wonderful, flooded karst craters in Yucatan Peninsula are probably the prettiest gates of hell that exist on Earth. Cenotes are partly explored by archaeologists, as Mayans worshiping these places often threw various items into the waters as a the offerings to their gods.

You can spend a day, a week or a month diving with Mayan Waters in cenotes, flooded caves of Yucatan, sacred waters of Maya tribe. Thanks to the network of over 2 000 cenotes, the eastern coast of Yucatan Peninsula is one of the best places in the World for cavern and cave divingCenotes, filled with a mixture of fresh and salt water, are incredible tourist attraction for divers who search for the most unusual diving sessions. The experience of diving in cenotes is without parallel!

Popular cenotes are:

  • Angelita
  • Cenote Azul
  • Calavera
  • Carwash (Aktun Ha)
  • Casa Cenote
  • Cenote Cristal (Naharon)
  • Chac Mool
  • Chikin Ha
  • Cristalino
  • Coral Garden
  • Dos Ojos 
  • Dos Palmas
  • Dreams Gate
  • Escondido (Maya Blue)
  • Gran Cenote (Sac Aktun)
  • Kin Ha
  • Kukulcan
  • El Jardin de Eden (Ponderosa)
  • Pet Cemetery
  • The Pit
  • Rainbow Cenote
  • Samula
  • Tajma Ha
  • Tankah
  • Tres Bocas 

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