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How can I get to Mayan Waters?
The nearest international airport is in Cancun, 120 kilometers north of Tulum via Highway 307. You can take a bus to Playa del Carmen and change there for a bus to Tulum. More expensive option is to take a taxi directly to the town. Of course, you can always contact us to arrange the most comfortable transport from the airport to Mayan Waters at given date and time.
I have never dived in caverns. Is it safe?
Yes, it is safe. Cavern diving in cenotes is available for certified Open Water divers. The dive takes place within reach of the daylight and does not exceed the 20m depth limit. Cavern diving is not a cave diving. It brings you an experience of cave diving, but you remain safe and in an open water environment. To fully enjoy your cenote diving experience, we recommend you to take cavern diving speciality course with Mayan Waters.
Is it cold underwater?
The water temperature in cenotes is constantly around 25°C. But the temperature of water in Caribbean Sea ranges from 19°C in January to 28°C in October. Anyhow, we use 5-mm long-sleeve  wetsuits and 3-mm hood. We do not see the need to use gloves, however. Please, read more about Mayan Waters equipment and configure your diving gear in advance to register for Fast Customer Service and get 5 USD discount.
Can I bring my own equipment with me?
Of course, you can bring your own gear! Not only you will feel more comfortable while diving, but you will also get 5% discount on your recreational diving booking. Be sure to have at least 3-mm long-sleeve wetsuit and a hood with you, however, as the water in cenotes is around 25°C and between 19°C and 28°C in Caribbean Sea. The underwater flashlight will come in handy as well. Mayan Waters will always provide you with tanks and weights.
What should I take with me to cenotes?
You should take a towel, an insect (mosquito) repellent and small cash with you, as there are gift shops in many cenotes. Do not take valuable items and large amounts of money with you, please.
What should I take with me to the boat?
You should take a towel, a sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses and a headwear to cover yourself from the sun. Do not take valuable items, please, as they have some kind of magical inclination to fall overboard and consequently vanish in Caribbean Sea abyss. If you really, REALLY have to take your smartphone (won’t be any coverage) and/or your camera with you, be sure to put them in the waterproof and possibly unsinkable container. You have been warned!
How many divers usually dive in cenotes at one time?
We usually dive in group of four per one divemaster. We do not like crowds underwater so we try to dive in more secluded, but equally beautiful cenotes. However, even there you will meet fellow divers underwater.
Can I dive solo?
We are sorry, but solo diving is definitely out of the question. Solo diving is against the two fundamental principles of diving safety regulations: partnership and redundancy. Here in Mayan Waters we believe in safe diving more than anything else.
Can I dive exclusively with your divemaster?
We usually dive in group of four per one divemaster, but feel free to contact us to arrange an exclusive dive. 
What about diving insurance?
We require you to have one before you start diving with Mayan Waters. If you do not have your Diver Accident Insurance yet, contact us to arrange it for you.
Do you provide accomodation?
Actually, we do not, as Mayan Waters is a dive center focused on providing you excellent diving experience. But we live here in Tulum, so can contact you with trusted friends who will offer you acomodation in different standards to fit your needs. Just let us know, if you want our help with this matter. Or you can always book your stay in Casa Imila, quiet guesthouse in Tulum center, walking distance from Mayan Waters dive center.
What is the output voltage in Mexico?
It is 110V and the wall sockets are compatible with type A plug, i.e. ungrounded plug with two flat parallel prongs. If you come form Europe, be sure to bring the adapter with you!
What currency is there in Mexico? What is exchange rate to the popular foreign currencies?
Mexican peso (MXN) is official currency in Mexico.
1 USD = 16 MXN
1 EUR = 18 MXN
1 GBP = 25 MXN

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