If you do not want to bring your own diving gear, you can use our brand new diving equipment.

The equipment we use is as follows:

  1. Mask: BARE Frameless
  2. Snorkel: BARE Semi-Dry
  3. Fins: ZEAGLE Recon
  4. Wetsuit: BARE S-Flex Full 5mm (men) or BARE Nixie Full 5 mm (women)
  5. Hood: 3mm BARE Neo Hood
  6. Shoes: BARE 7mm
  7. Gloves: BARE 5mm
  8. BCD: ZEAGLE Covert XT
  9. Regulator: AQUALUNG Core Supreme + octopus Calypso
  10. Flashlight: TECLINE LED US-15
  11. Cylinder: aluminium LUXFER 11.1l, with single DIN valve
  12. Dive computer: AQUALUNG i300 z manometrem i kompasem

Oh, yes! The dive computers are essential. Read more about safe diving.

We use two brand new certified Coltri Sub MCH-16 compressor.

In case of emergency, we provide pure Oxygen tanks and life-saving Automated External Defibrillator. We always have those items close at hand during cenote diving or reef diving if necessity of use arises.

If you bring your own gear, we will always provide you with tanks and weights. In case you have a yoke standard regulator, we will provide you with DIN-to-INT adapter to fit your regulator to our cylinder valve.

Not going to bring your own gear with you? To register for Fast Customer Service and get 5 USD Discount Promo Code, feel free to configure your equipment in advance via the form below.